Given that the first line of his IMDB biography describes the work of Richard Dreyfuss as a collection of “irritating pests and brash, ambitious hustlers”, we should always have known he’d play Dick Cheney. The last major role to be cast in Oliver Stone’s ever more insane George W Bush biopic W, Cheney may have a pair of feet to fill his shoes. Dreyfuss is in final negotiations to take the role, and if the deal goes through this will become one of the must-see films of 2008. Call it the final revenge of a conscientious objector.

We’ve got to get Devin on the set of the movie, which begins shooting in Louisiana later this month. Perhaps not on a day that involves hunting.

Incidentally, the other W news is that SAG has granted the production office a waiver, which means that the film can continue shooting should the union decide to strike. Waivers have been going out to various productions over the last couple weeks, but only to non-television and non-studio gigs. Feel free to speculate at will about whether that means SAG is extending a courtesy to indies in the wake of an unavoidable strike, or that the waivers mean the union is willing to negotiate around the potential stoppage.

(If the title of this article means nothing to you, travel back in time to the days of Poseidon, and Devin’s set visit.)