Lost Boys DVD CoverWith the exception of the DVD art’s recent unveiling, news on The Lost Boys: The Tribe has slowed down considerably since the Corey Haim casting drama which happened to occur right around the time The Two Coreys premiered on cable. Then there was also Haim’s border troubles that prevented him from getting to the film’s Vancouver set.

As the anticipation continues to build at a rate not seen in the direct-to-video world since the Leprechaun went back to the hood, the official site for The Lost Boys: The Tribe is now up and running. In what will probably be the first of many disappointments for the film, the newly launched site kicks things off with nothing more than the trailer, which hit the Internet back in March, and a promise that more will be coming soon. Unless they plan on hosting the official blog of Alex Winter, I’m not sure I can get behind the site no matter what the folks over at Warner Premiere have up their sleeve. Sure, he didn’t make it out alive in the original but writer Hans Rodionoff (Man-Thing) could have given Marko a twin brother with a chip on his shoulder and a hunger for revenge during the pitying stage of script rewrites that allowed Haim a chance to reprise his role. Unfortunately, it’s not up to me to solve both the film and the official site’s content issues with the most obvious solution.

Who knows? Maybe The Lost Boys: The Tribe doesn’t have any content issues. I know it is important to remember not to judge a direct-to-video sequel by its trailer (or its incredibly weak site launch) because trailers have this nasty habit of making a terrible movie look promising. But I’ll be damned if they weren’t successful in tapping into the nostalgia I have for the original film with their modern rock revamp of “Cry Little Sister.”

The Lost Boys: The Tribe will hit stores July 29, 2008 on standard DVD and Blu-ray.