I just got home from the Universal lot, where I sat with director Louis Letterier and producers Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd to talk about – and see scenes from – The Incredible Hulk. I can’t talk Hulk until next week, but I don’t think Universal will be too mad if I tell you that I liked what I saw.

But of course when you have Kevin Feige, the honcho at Marvel Studios, you have to ask him some questions about the other Marvel properties. He spilled some good beans (which I’ll have up in another article in a couple of minutes, once I get the quotes from my recorder), but what might have been most interesting was the fact that after he was done with the press he was going to meet with Samuel L Jackson.

He hasn’t seen Sam since the day on set when he shot his Nick Fury cameo, since they didn’t want to be seen together and ruin the ‘surprise,’ so there’s been no official talks about signing Jackson to a role in The Avengers, or about future cameos. That’s what’s happening… quite possibly as you’re reading this. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Sam is the first actor 100% officially signed to the Avengers movie in the coming weeks or months. And I would be surprised if he didn’t pop up in another Marvel movie between now and then.

More coming, including info on Captain America, The Punisher and Thor, so stay logged on.