Well, once again the folks in the ivory towers are panicking over yet another hardcore genre effort  because they don’t seem to know what to do about that pesky release date; yes, boils and ghouls, The Midnight Meat Train has been moved from August 1/08 to July 11/08.

Initially, the Clive Barker adaptation was to make its theatrical debut this month, but it was moved farther down the release slate by Lionsgate, I assume, to avoid getting clobbered by heavyweights such as Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Now, with this move, it will have to contend with Goliaths like The Dark Knight, which hits theaters the following week.

I just hope the mainstream will take the time to discover this mofo during the crowded summer months because I’ve been reading and hearing nothing but good things about it. Hell, Clive Barker said it was killer, so that should be reason enough to see it.

Man, I tell ya, I wish it was staying in that August position. Horror always seems to get its ass kicked until Labor Day rolls around.