If I’m snappish on Friday, it’s not Steven Spielberg’s fault. Well, maybe it is a little. Mostly, though, I’ll be fuming that I’m not in Cannes watching the first press screening of Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York.

Want a taste? Here’s thirty-five seconds of non-stop, turbo-charged, monster truck mayhem!

Synecdoche, New York sur Comme Au Cinema

Damn, son! To paraphrase my man Beaumont, you catch a word-I-can’t-use-for-black-people off guard with that shit!

Variety‘s Anne Thompson reports that Synecdoche, New York has been praised as “ambitious, arty and brilliant” by the few lucky bastages who’ve seen it. It’s sure to play Telluride, Venice and/or Toronto later this summer, but since I rarely have the scratch to hit those shindigs, this doesn’t help me out at all. Sounds like I’ll be waiting for its limited release in… October? Yeah, that’s a good place to unload a movie that’s bound to perplex Academy voters.