the weekend in Cannes, MGM heads Harry Sloan and Mary Parent said that
John Milius’ alternately ridiculous and entertaining anti-commie
classic Red Dawn is a ‘candidate for a remake’.

by ‘candidate’ they meant ‘thin grounds on which to shoehorn ’80s
political nostalgia into a new marketing machine’ then I suppose
they’re right. Without making a total throwback — and what would be
the point? — the entire structure of Red Dawn would need be conceived anew, not to mention the message.

For a good time, though, check out conservative message boards new and old about the idea of a new version. Libertas has a great post, which reads in part:

whole movie should be an allegory about the hell Obama has promised to
unleash on the Iraqi people should he win the election. Great stories
ask and answer what if…? What if we abandoned millions of innocents to
Iranian backed jihadists? What if we abandoned them because it was just
too hard to liberate them? What if, thanks to weak-kneed liberal
politicians, those millions of innocents fed into a meat grinder were

my hands it would be set in Manhattan because an island’s easier for
the terrorists to defend and chock-full of appeasers in desperate need
of a wake-up call. The scene with a herd of Greenwich Village liberals
being shoved into burqas writes itself.

Also a remake candidate: Robocop. But you knew that.