I have an idea on how to streamline my job: I’m going to spend a couple of weekends creating articles for remakes of films that haven’t been remade yet. It seems logical that all of these will come to pass, and wouldn’t life be easier if I already had a ‘They’re Remaking 48 Hours‘ piece waiting in the wings?

If I had already instituted this system I could have just pressed a button and published an article about a remake of Highlander; when you think about it, it was utterly inevitable. In fact the only variable in a situation like this is who will be behind it.

This time it’s the writers of Iron Man (or two of them anyway – there were at least two teams of writers on that script), Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. They’re writing the script for Summit Entertainment, who brought us The Hottie and the Nottie, Step Up 2 The Streets and Michael Clayton.

I wonder when the whole remake thing is going to end. I mean, Hollywood has always remade films, but the pace at which it’s happening now is incredible. There’s something Ouroboros-like about the whole process. I just don’t want to see Rob Schneider hanging off a clock in a remake of a Harold Lloyd short. My heart couldn’t take it.