I have no real opinion on Veronica Mars as a TV show or movie outside of what it could potentially mean for other crowd sourced films down the line. There have been other, smaller projects to come out of Kickstarter, but this is a biggie and could signal a sea change in how future films get made if it does well. I’m sure we could all think of a failed TV show/franchise we’d like to see get loved up and revitalized in the same way, so my fingers are crossed that this sends the right message on its release.

As for the trailer itself? Yeah…this isn’t doing a whole hell of a lot for me. It certainly looks like a March release, and something I’ll catch on cable a year from now, possibly as a pleasant surprise. I like the idea of a Veronica Mars-type heroine, but my heart already belongs to the female detective in The Boneyard, who I feel should be the gold standard for all characters in that mold.

What say you?