I don’t want to be a neghead about Supermax, the movie where Green Arrow gets thrown into a superhuman prison. First of all, the concept is a terrific way to approach a superhero movie in these superhero soaked times. Second of all, I’ve always wanted to see Robin Hood get raped*, and this is probably the closest I’ll ever get. Even with Justin Marks, the Writer Without Shame, attached, this is a movie I’d like to see.

El Mayimbe at Latino Review has gotten a hold of the script, and while his review is positive and intrigues me, his rundown of the villains – the incarcerated baddies with whom Green Arrow must deal – leaves a bad taste in my mouth. With the exception of a couple of big name cameos (Lex Luthor, the Joker, and the Riddler), these are all bad guys who are, at best, third tier. Many of them I’ve never even heard of, and I read comics for decades. When The Floronic Man is the villain I’m most excited about, something’s wrong.

OK, maybe I am being a neghead. After all, who cares how lame Cascade or Shock Trauma or a bunch of retarded guys introduced in the bowel-puncturing pages of Justice League Taskforce are in comics if they’re used well in the script? On the other hand, shouldn’t half the fun of this movie be Green Arrow running into villains we (meaning comic fans) know and love? When I’m sent scrambling to Wikipedia for half these dudes, you know you’re dipping heavily in the quarter bin.

Head to Latino Review to see all of El Mayimbe’s review. Maybe with Justice League dead and Superman grounded, this is DC’s next great hope.

By the way, anyone suspect that John Q Public is going to think Green Arrow’s name is Super Max when the trailers for this one hit?

* We don’t choose our fetishes, they choose us.