Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian   $56,573,000 $14,398 $56,573,000
2 Iron Man $31,200,000 (-39.1%) $7,510 $222,485,000
3 What Happens in Vegas $13,850,000 (-31.3%) $4,254 $40,308,000
4 Speed Racer $7,645,000 (-58.8%) $2,120 $30,000,000
5 Baby Mama $4,593,000 (-26.2%) $1,834 $47,256,000
6 Made of Honor   $4,500,000 (-44.6%) $1,598 $33,701,000
7 Forgetting Sarah Marshall $2,538,000 (-33.9%) $1,585 $55,065,000
8 Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay $1,800,000 (-42.1%) $1,282 $33,901,000
9 The Forbidden Kingdom $1,000,000 (-53.9%) $1,003 $50,295,000
10 The Visitor $687,000 (-5.8%) $3,066 $3,403,000

This just in: No one has invented taco-flavored vodka yet. The world waits.

Disney was somewhat reticent to make a Narnia sequel, especially considering that the first film made nearly $300 Million domestic. But in the interim, fantasy fatigue has set in – on top of the fact that few actually liked the original. That the follow up is going to have a tough time cracking $200 suggests unless the international gross is ass kickingly good, Prince Caspian is likely the end of the line. It’s possible that the violence talk could have hurt, but I place the blame on the first film, which was leaden. No one involved is having celebratory menage-a-trois over this gross. Maybe muted and tasteful three-ways, but not high-fivin’, ass-slapping ones. If asses are slapped, it’s more out of ritual. These sex-affairs are scored to Gorecki’s Third or Jewel, not Ace of Bass or Alien Ant Farm.

Iron Man is still performing well, having handily cracked the $200 marker, and looking to hedge close to $300. With the holiday next weekend it will probably do $30 for the four day. Money money money.

Who the fuck is watching What Happens in Vegas? It’s already at $40 Million, and should get to $60. That’s absurd, but look at how the audience doesn’t give a crap about Made of Honor, which is already starting its Oscar campaign. Hopefully, it’ll get that adapted screenplay nod (though I think the strength of the film comes from James Joyce’s source material).

Speed Racer is dying a very embarassing death. If it gets to $50 at this point, it’ll just get there. For a summer that looked strong on the page, these numbers are what no one expected. Maybe June will play stronger than it normally does, which is usually the stop-gap between May’s tentpoles and July’s. We shall see.

The Visitor was directed by the guy who played Templeton on The Wire, therefore it must be awesome.

I’m always curious who the people are who go to see films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall now. Are these people who go to see a movie, and they don’t really care what? I’m guessing that’s the case.