That look on his face when he confirms he’s going to lose. Oof.

Remember that brief moment in October 2012 when people actually thought Mitt Romney had a strong chance of being president? Though people say the race is always 50-50, it rarely is and that was true for 2012 too. Sure, President Obama inexplicably fumbled the first debate but he always had the upper hand and when historians look back at 2012 (and 2008) it’ll be plain to see that Barack had this in the bag.

Still, there was drama in the race which is surprising because the two fellas running were so undramatic. Obama has always had a cool head and then there’s Mitt Romney who has been accused of being a cyborg on one or two occasions.

That allegation and other behind-the-scenes facts fill the new Netflix documentary Mitt, which hits the streaming service next month. The trailer above promises you’ll see another side of Mitt but, honestly, this trailer kind of feels like a campaign commercial. Director Greg Whiteley spent six freaking years with the Romneys so I really hope he got more than cookie-cutter feel-good stuff. Show us the fear, show us the challenges, show us more than the RNC did. He’ll never be president but it’s not too late to  see the human side of Mitt Romney.

There is a human side, right?