I didn’t see Stuck when I had a chance to last year, so I don’t know if the popular conception suggesting the movie isn’t all that hot is accurate or not. I certainly want to like it. Stuart Gordon has had his share of misses in recent years (though some, like Dagon, are almost fun enough for redemption) but he’s responsible for enough horror cornerstones that he still gets the benefit of the doubt.

That said, the most horrifying thing in this red-band trailer (hosted on Bloody Disgusting’s YouTube channel) is Mena Suvari’s cornrows. In fact, there’s not much worth the red band. Maybe it’s just the lack of resolution; I’m sure in QuickTime the makeup on Stephen Rea would appear significantly more nasty. Stuck, for the unaware, is based on the freakish story of a nurse who hit a man with her car, then drove home and parked in the garage with the guy stuck in her windshield. But you know that — it’s all in the trailer. I’m not so sure about the Pulp Fiction vibe this clip is giving off, but I do like Suvari’s final line to Rea. “Why are you doing this to me?” sums up just how awful some of us really are.