When I first read Clint Morris’s item about Tom Cruise entering talks to star in Phillip Noyce’s The 28th Amendment, the plot summary went something like this:

Cruise would play President Ben Cahill in Warners action thriller, which follows the adventures of an American President (Cruise) that discovers the United States is actually being controlled by a super secret organization run by Denzel Washington that terminates those that get in its way.

He’s since thrown brackets around Denzel’s name, and, in the process, made the project sound about 99.9% less interesting – ‘cuz I’d totally buy Cruise playing a zany POTUS who thinks Denzel Washington is controlling the government. Shit, I’d pay to see that twice – at one of those theaters that charges you ten dollars extra for a “premium moviegoing experience” (i.e. popcorn, soda and crotch pleasuring) – just to encourage this kind of lunacy. One caveat: you’d have to play like something straight out of 70s Pakula; no winking to the audience.

Hopefully, this will start shooting soon, if only to take Tom Cruise’s mind off of Valkyrie and that meddling Jason Beghe. No more Sunday jazz brunch for you, asshole!

(Thanks to message board poster “Stelios” for passing this along.)