It was a cold, dusty night on the set of Legion when a group of reporters sidled up to Tyrese Gibson between takes. He was shooting a scene that was, for him, historic. I won’t spoil the moment for you, but relistening to this interview I started laughing out loud at how he described it. Stay tuned for next year when I can run it!

In the meantime, he dropped some minor scoopage on our heads. I already ran the biggest bit yesterday: schedules permitting, Tyrese will be BA Baracus in John Singleton’s The A-Team. I also mentioned in passing (because I didn’t realize that it was ‘news’) that Tyrese is coming back for Transformers 2. He talked a teeny bit more about that one, and let loose the name of another returning cast member.

‘I just talked to Shia a second ago, and left John Voight a message 15 minutes ago,’ he said, inadvertently letting slip that Voight’s Secretary of Defense character returns for the sequel.

‘Michael Bay is going to up the ante on round two and raise the level. I
can’t go into any details , but it’s going to be some real one of a
kind things in this movie that no one has seen visually in their life.
Michael Bay is really fired up to try and outdo what he did on the
first round.’

Well yeah, you have to say that. I mean, Michael Bay isn’t going to tone it down for the sequel, right?

Tyrese also let slip something else I already knew from my embargoed Fast & Furious (formerly The Fast and the Furious 4, soon to be Fast, Furious, Five Dollars a Gallon) set visit a couple of weeks ago: he’ll be making a cameo in that film as Roman Pearce. Tyrese compared it to Vin Diesel’s quick appearance in Tokyo Drift, so don’t expect much.

Finally, Tyrese dropped a hint about a movie called Desert Eagle. He wouldn’t describe it to us – all he would say was ‘Jesus!’ – but he did say to expect Desert Eagle 2, 3, and 4. This is his franchise, he said, and the future of his career.