The little whippersnapper to your right is Caleb Guess. He wants to be an unstoppable killing machine when he grows up! And the sick bastards at Platinum Dunes are making his wish a reality – with a very high body count.

According to Brad Fuller via his official Friday the 13th production blog (hosted by the brawny lads at Bloody Disgusting), they caked on a load of creepy makeup and turned young Guess into a walking (and, I’m gonna presume, soggy) nightmare. “The imagery adds a very disturbing depth to the character,” claims Fuller. I’m sure Guess’s parents are thrilled.

Fuller’s blog entry also discusses the physical toll the production is taking on his young actors (Aaron Yoo had surgery to repair an obstruction in his intestine, Danielle Panabaker got knocked out cold by a collision with a windowsill); as far as I’m concerned, it’s not a horror movie if your talent ain’t getting sliced open and cold-cocked at every opportunity. Wake me when director Marcus Nispel comes down with polio.

The new Friday the 13th will dismember mama (and Tom Cruise) on February 13th, 2009.

(Thanks to message board member “Big Jim Slade” for passing this along.)