Sure, Morrissey may hate it when our friends become successful, but I love it. Aint It Cool News’ Drew McWeeny (aka Moriarty) and his writing partner Scott Swan have found success with their John Carpenter-directed Masters of Horror episodes, but now things have been kicked up a notch with their first feature film, Bat Out Of Hell… and it’s being directed by none other than Joe Dante.

Dante’s one of the great filmmakers of the 80s, but because of the genres he’s mostly chosen to work in, he’s not gotten the recognition he deserves. Criminally, he’s been out of action for the last couple of years, and it’s not because he’s over the hill or out of juice – it’s just the nature of Hollywood. After directing what were probably the best episodes of Masters of Horror, Joe seems poised to do a major comeback: not only does he have Bat Out of Hell, but Shock Til You Drop is reporting that he’s signing on to do a PG-13 horror film called The Hole.

Bat Out of Hell is about a hijacked transcontinental red eye with something monstrous in the cargo bay. I’ve talked to Drew about Dante coming on board, and he’s excited to find out which role Robert Picardo will be playing.