Cannes, you never fail to inspire. We’ve got S. Darko and the Point Break sequel, and now word on the lingering story that music video director Joseph Kahn will be directing a feature film version of William Gibson’s classic novel Neuromancer. (As previously discussed on CHUD.)

The kicker? According to IndieWire, Gibson will pen the adapted screenplay himself. UK production and distribution company Seven Arts Pictures will fund the $60m adaptation (previously pegged as $70m) with Kahn directing, Gibson writing and Julia Verdin producing. No word on whether Hayden Christensen would star, as previously rumored.

Thanks to Ned at the Brattle Theater for tipping me off; Boston folks can repay him by attending some of the Coen Brothers movies they’re screening next week. A Barton Fink / Miller’s Crossing double feature? Oh, hell yes. That’s Wednesday and Thursday, May 21 and 22. Ned also suggested taking a look at Kahn’s video for George Michael’s ‘Freeek’ as an example of his potential direction for Neuromancer. He suggests watching with the sound off, which I heartily second. I’ll also mention that in addition to being not safe for ears, it’s possible NSFW.