I take photos of dumb shit. Some of you do too (submit yours HERE). Life’s too short and there’s too many dumb things out there to allow it going unnoticed or people not getting called out for it. This is where I shine a light at fools, loons, hypocrites, and in many instances my own dumb self. If you dig this, please share it on FB and Twitter (links right above this) or participate in our message board thread devoted to it.




I like it when the assholes let you know where they are without you ever having to chat them up.


2. A bargain at any price.


Can you imagine getting such a discount on a fake apocalype? I really hope this fad dies off pretty soon because we’re too close to a real apocalypse to waste precious time dealing with fake ones. Ride Along won the weekend for God’s sake…

3. How did that work out?


When I see something like this I truly fear for my children’s future. As if Mitt Romney in office has any bearing on America’s flag flying. What makes the flag fly is people like you. The readers of CHUD.com.


4. The depths these people will go to…


Worst job in the world: Guy who steals Hobbit key art to make something like this.


5. Apple wins.


Best Pez recognition software in the business. Seriously.


6. Oh yeah, there’s MUCH more story.


How many people came out of the theater showing After Earth wanting more? Well, how many people even WENT to the theater to see After Earth? 

7. Imbecile behind the wheel.


People with bumper stickers like this just come off as sore losers. In fact, political bumper stickers in general are a recipe for asshole. You’re going to irritate half the people and the other half are going to see the thing and have an opinion and then immediately go back to fantasizing about the hot chick in the Nissan Altima next to them anyway.


8. A trend that has gone too far.


They didn’t even try.


9. If you shop at the Silent Hill Pet Store this is what you can expect.


For the dominatrix cat owner who has one thing shy of everything.


10. Imagine dying on this road.


So bad. Worse that it’s the street of someone who has taken their fandom to an uncomfortable length.



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