Where’s Britta?

This feels like an ad for a brand new show, which is probably the right way to go. I couldn’t hang with the fourth season of Community, which felt like a mirror-universe production of the Dan Harmon years. With Harmon back as showrunner, I’m officially excited, despite what we know about Donald Glover’s premature departure from the series and the complete absence of Chevy Chase. The slimmed-down cast on Netflix’s Arrested Development revival gave that season an uneven feeling that never clicked for me. Here’s hoping this other poorly-rated-but-beloved-show figured out a solution to that problem.

The trailer is a little light on jokes, though I’d have to guess they’re pulling from a limited amount of footage, likely from the first episode. Jeff got back to practicing bench-ad law but spent too much money on special effects, a story with which we’re (sadly) all too familiar. Jonathan Banks is grumping it up in fine fashion, but I’d be lying if I said any of it really made me laugh.

Harmon has said in interviews that the beauty of calling the show, “Community” rather than, “Community College” was the freedom to take the characters outside of the confines of the school once their tenure was up. Maybe he’s saving that for the sixth season. Or the movie.