Don’t you hate when you watch a movie for the first time and kick yourself for not getting to it sooner?

I’ve talked before about being addicted to Netflix’s Watch It Instantly feature on my Xbox, and it really is one of the best options for a movie buff around. Especially for someone as broke as me, having thousands of movies to choose from is beyond awesome. Some might bitch about the selection but I don’t see how you can complain- there’s just tons of great selections here- from TV shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents and 30 Rock to films like The Atomic Cafe and The King of Kong. Course, I love cheesy horror movies and am thrilled that films like Decampitated and Food of the Gods are on it.

But there are some genuinely great selections on it, like American Pop, Ralph Bakshi’s ode to the music of the last century.

I absolutely fell in love with this film. It’s a beautiful, stunning experience, chronicling four generations of musicians who are just trying to make it. That’s such a cheap way of putting things, though. It’s almost a music video of sorts, one that takes you through all the important periods of American music, It’s sentimental and fast-paced and makes you want to go back and listen to all this amazing music once again.

Definitely check it out if you haven’t already. I honestly didn’t know Bakshi was so talented a filmmaker, as I had only really been familiar with Fritz the Cat (a rite of passage for film fans, really) and his mangled Lord of the Rings adaptation. Going to have to make my way to the Bakshi films I haven’t seen yet (like Fire and Ice) and do my best to track down Coonskin.