Forget for a minute that his last few movies have been more schtick than shock; I’m all for anything that might put new John Waters material in front of an audience. So direct a raspberry salute towards 2929 Productions, which is now handling the sale of Waters’ new Fruitcake at Cannes. (Along with Levinson’s What Just Happened, and Hillcoat’s The Road.)

Fruitcake teams Waters with Johnny Knoxville once again for a story about a boy — named after his favorite dessert — who gets caught with his parents shoplifting meat during the holidays. They go on the run and hook up with a girl raised by two gay men who is searching for her birth mother.

How I wish I could reminisce about the hours I spent stealing meat with my folks. Waters is speaking directly to me with this one.

If, for some awful reason, you’re new to Waters, don’t wait for what will quite possibly be another tepid late-model outing from the best moustache in movies. Check out This Filthy World for the easy primer, then get your balls wet with Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble. If you don’t have balls before those pictures start, you’ll have grown some by the time credits roll.