talesfromtheborderlandsSo, for those needing to keep track: They’re still working on Wolf Among Us. Walking Dead Season 2 is about to happen (rumored December 17th for Episode 1 of that, by the way). The Game of Thrones game was just confirmed last night. And now, they’re piling on a point-n-click Borderlands game onto that.

While I will gladly add my excitement–for someone like me who loves Borderlands‘ humor and characters, but hates the gameplay, this series answers so many silent prayers–I would also like to take this time to remind Dan Connors et al that labor laws are very serious, and carry heavy penalties for violation. Whatever writers you have handcuffed in basements to laptops right now, ensure they are well fed, and their families adequately provided for. Thank you. Enjoy your teaser.


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