The newest concert film from Nine Inch Nails of the 2013 Tension Tour will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms next spring. For now, NIИ and Vevo have made an abridged version for instant streaming. This video marks the fifth time the group has officially released live footage and it is by far the most impressive outing visually and technically. What’s missing however is the raw energy of earlier films like And All That Could Have Been and 1997’s Closure.

Even though classics such as Head Like a Hole and March of the Pigs seem strained and the LA crowd looks way to comfortable, the footage is impressive and it truly captures the hard work that went into the amazing visual display. Disappointed is by far one of the performance’s best highlights and the new version of the classic song Sanctified is groovy and cool. Hopefully we’ll be getting footage of songs like Wish, Running and the unbelievably moving A Warm Place with the full release next spring. Until then enjoy what’s available on the biggest screen you can. It’s worth it.

copy of a
march of the pigs
all time low
came back haunted
in two
the big come down
the hand that feeds
head like a hole
even deeper
while i’m still here