Jan De Bont wants to be all wet. If he can’t get his Nick Nunziata movie, Meg, into the water, he’ll damn well get his sequel to a Kathryn Bigelow movie afloat. You read that right: De Bont is going to direct a sequel to Point Break.

The timing of this is interesting. Has the movie, which is set in Indonesia and Singapore 20 years after Bodhi disappears, been set up now in an effort to get a cameo by Patrick Swayze before he croaks off from his cancer? There certainly can’t be a big role for him in the movie, and if they recast Bodhi while he’s still alive… that shit’s harsh, man.

Other than the setting and time period, everything is under wraps. Variety mentions that the script, by original Point Break scribe W. Peter Iliff, has gone out to stars, but they don’t say if Keanu Reeves feels like he needs a hit this badly. And in case you’re wondering why the hell the movie is set in Indonesia and Singapore, it’s because the financing comes from Singapore’s RGM Entertainment.

Will De Bont break his bad luck streak with getting movies made (remember, Stopping Power fell to pieces as well)? Will Bodhi and Johnny Utah accept their love for each other? Most importantly, will Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost get cameos?

UPDATE: IESB claims to have the story synopsis for the film, which is called Point Break Indo, they say. In it a special ops soldier who also happens to be a star surfer is taking in some waves in Indonesia when he get recruited by a security force to help capture a gang of thieves known as The Bush Administration, whose MO is just like… The Ex-Presidents! Could it be?!?