Los Cronocrimenes (TimeCrimes to us gringos) was a movie that blew me away at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. A very small, very tight science fiction film about a regular schmo who gets caught up in a terrible time loop when he tries to travel back a half hour to stop a crime, it’s a gloriously subdued piece of art that manages to surprise you at every turn – especially when you think you’re finally a step ahead of the film.

The original is being distributed by Magnolia in the United States, but as is so often the case with modern foreign language movies, the remake rights got snapped up. Original director Nacho Vigalondo (a visionary! And good with queso!) is involved in the remake, and Shock Til You Drop informs us that he tells Blogdecine that one of the directors in talks to come on board is none other than David Cronenberg. Los Cronocrimenes traffics heavily in issues of identity, making it a film that I think Cronenberg could really sink his teeth into. I wasn’t looking forward to this remake before, but if that crazy Canuck can come aboard, I may have to completely rethink my position.

Thanks to message board poster BTSMGL for sending this along.