Everybody’s going 3D. It’s like, the thing right now. I get it – many of the biggest filmmakers today are gadget guys and not necessarily story guys. They get excited about the technology. Michael Bay seems to be one of those guys to me, a guy who loves the challenge of bringing something new and complex to the screen. Because he sure as shit doesn’t seem to care about stories at all.

So knowing this about Michael Bay, it makes sense that he’d be shooting Transformers 2 in 3D. All the other kids are doing it, and it’s the next dimension in mayhem. Get it? The rumor that he’s doing so originated at Comics2Film, who discovered that ShoWest’s Dolby News release listed the upcoming blockbuster as a 3D film (you can see that listing yourself by clicking here).

Transformers 2 starts shooting in June (assuming there’s no strike), so we should know the truth of the matter soon. I’m sure that if the film is in 3D, Michael Bay will personally guarantee that it’s the most amazing 3D spectacle since Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.