I’ve interviewed Woody Allen twice now; I’ve sat right next to him and shook his hand. He’s a little, withered old man, and the idea of him entering the erotica phase of his career… well, it’s disturbing, to be frank. Until you see the trailer for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, his new film, which is opening at Cannes in the coming days.

In the film, the Woodman’s * first shot in Spain, Javier Bardem plays a hot blooded Spaniard (is there another kind?) who beds two American tourists, played by Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall. But look out! Penelope Cruz is his jealous ex. Apparently there’s a three-way scene between Bardem, ScarJo and Cruz in this film… I’m already getting set to fap.

Leaving the libido behind, it’s worth noting that this movie looks beautiful; Woody’s last few New York movies were so flat and uninspiring to look at, so this is further proof that Woody’s European sojourn has been good for him creatively.

Enjoy the trailer below; if you’re as lucky as I was, it’ll stop and start throughout the whole running time.

*his nickname may take on a new meaning after this film!