This weekend I brought you the news (via the ever lovin’ Nikki Finke) that David O Russell’s new film, the political satire Nailed, had shut down production because the financers, Capitol Films, didn’t deposit money in a SAG fund. The good news is that the deposit happened, and filming resumed yesterday. The bad news is that Capitol Films owns ThinkFilm, one of my favorite indie distributors, and the money crunch extends to them as well.

According to a Variety article, ThinkFilm’s having problems placing newspaper ads, and they suddenly dropped an acquisition announcement. Alex Gibney is bringing his lawyers in for an attempt to get his bonus for the Oscar-winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side.

So we’re happy for Nailed, but nervous about ThinkFilm. If they go under we’ll be losing one of the bravest and most interesting distributors. And if that happens a lot of interesting and unusual films will never be seen.