I’m confused. Weren’t Steve Martin and Diane Keaton supposed to be reuniting for Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman’s One Big Happy? We just reported on this a over a month ago, so it’s kinda surprising that Variety is now trumpeting From Zero to Sixty as the unwanted re-teaming of two veteran actors who stopped caring about quality around the time they got together for the remake of Neil Simon’s The Out-of-Towners.

Though I got into Party of Five for all the wrong reasons, the show was eventually solid enough to suggest that Keyser and Lippman might make an above-average family comedy out of One Big Happy. Apparently, Martin didn’t agree, so he took matters into his own hands and sent producer Robert Simonds out to the studios with From Zero to Sixty. And since Paramount was already committed to One Big Happy, they took this project off the table, too.

If Martin were planning to write From Zero to Sixty, I’d start to get interested; unfortunately, they’re looking for someone else script the film, so we’ll probably be lucky if we get Father of the Bride. Plot details are unavailable, but the title leads me to believe it’ll have to do with gettin’ old. So why not From Zero to Eighty? Then you can get into the nonstop hilarity of Alzheimer’s!

If a screenwriter is attached soon, the film is expected to head into production this fall.