El Mayimbe at Latino Review broke the story on Friday, and now it looks like Stax at IGN has confirmed it: John Singleton wants Bruce Willis to play Hannibal in his big screen version of The A-Team. This means the film is shaping up to have a fairly good cast; Woody Harrelson has been tipped to play ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and Ice Cube is the choice for BA Baracus.

Willis is kind of an inspired choice for Hannibal; a touch more hard-edged than the late George Peppard, Willis will surely be able to keep one foot in modern action and the other in the sly, winking tone an A-Team movie must have – this fucker cannot be too self-serious.

The A-Team is supposed to open in about a year, so expect lots of updates to be flying your way in the weeks to come as the movie gets off the ground.