It’s a competitive marketplace here on the web. The numbers speak for themselves: people want upskirt photos of barely legal celebrity cooch and not three page dissertations on incredibly offensive racist motion pictures. So we’re meeting you halfway with a story that could be considered movie news but is really an excuse to post NSFW photos of a half naked starlet.

The photos, one of which is below, come from the set of Jennifer’s Body (buzz on this one, by the way, is very strong. I’m hearing that everybody’s quite happy with what Karyn Kusama has been doing in Vancouver. Go, Karyn!), the Diablo Cody action/horror script that’s her follow-up to Juno. What you’re looking at is Transformers’ Megan Fox as the titular* Jennifer, who becomes demon possessed and hungry for flesh. The script includes a bit of nudity for Jennifer, and it looks like Megan is up to it… mostly. What you’re seeing on her boobs are not some sort of horrible variation on the dreaded pepperoni nipple, but rather pasties. What’s funny is that she’s demure enough to cover her nips, but leaves nothing else to the imagination (including a bit of muffin top! HEAVEN!). I don’t understand this society at all. I also fear that this means Fox will have a body double for the real nude stuff. This will seriously impede fapping if it’s the case.

Visit The Bad and The Ugly, Coming Soon’s flaccid attempt at a TMZ or WWTDD sort of site, for more pics.

NOTE: We removed the image at the request of Fox lawyers – not because they are right, as these cocksuckers don’t have a legal leg upon which to stand, but because we can’t afford to be sued by News Corp.