Yesterday I had a really difficult time with the news that Fast & Furious 7 would continue production after an indefinite delay. Feeding into that news cycle so quickly after Paul Walker’s death felt gross, and I decided to dump the story. There was no way to spin that piece of information into anything that didn’t feel like, “yeah, yeah, it’s a tragedy, but what about the MOVIE?”

This story is not as gross, but it also gave me  pause. You see, Bloody Disgusting ran a headline that read, “BREAKING: Chucky Will Return In Seventh ‘Child’s Play’!” and I naturally assumed that an official announcement had been made. And then I read the article…

By no means does this confirm that a seventh Child’s Play is already greenlit by Universal, but it does suggest that Mancini has begun work on the next film’s screenplay, and that it will revolve around Alice (played by Summer H. Howell).

Then why does your headline say the exact fucking opposite?

This is all in reference to a tweet by Don Mancini, the man who wrote the first Child’s Play and is thus Chucky’s daddy. If ever there were a person more invested in the longevity of the franchise, it would be him. Ultimately, that makes him an unreliable inside source, akin to a casting agent who leaks that their client is up for a role in the new Star Wars movie. It’s self serving in a way that almost voids it out as news, but really, it’s just a tweet. Mancini was letting fans of the (pretty good) Curse of Chucky know that a dangling thread from the last movie would be picked up in another sequel. It’s Bloody Disgusting that dropped the ball with their headline.

I’m not saying to not get excited, or that they’ll never make another Child’s Play sequel. They most likely will. What I am saying is this: Bloody Disgusting’s headline is dumb. G’night.