I was in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and didn’t pay much attention to what was going on in the world of film news while there. Now I wish I had, because The Red Rock casino (never heard of it) had a triptych of posters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hanging on the wall for some unknown reason. The photos come from this Twitter account¬†originally and reveal a very blurry first-look at The Rhino’s CGI’d form, as well as some dude on a glider, way off in the distance.

ASM_spoiler_banner_-_largeWe’d all heard about a build up to the Sinister Six over the course of the next three movies and seen some goofy pictures of Paul Giamatti in his Rhino mocap suit, but I think we were all assuming that Electro was the main event in the next film, no? No! They’re promising a huge battle royale with this poster, and it seems pretty likely that The Green Goblin and Rhino will have to have larger roles than we were originally lead to believe.

Here’s a closer, no less blurry look at The Rhino.


A little incomprehensible for my tastes (and it all but kills the possibility of the similar Spider Slayers¬†making an appearance in future movies) but we were never going to get Giamatti in a grey rubber suit with a horn, so lets just hope this looks good in motion. Now, here’s a silhouette of The Green Goblin.


Cool pose! No one knows if this is Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn, or Dane DeHaan’s Harry, so there’s one mystery saved for the time being. Hell, it could even be the Hobgoblin for all we know, except…


All of the posters have characters’ faces appearing on what look like TV screens, and someone noticed a face above Electro’s shoulder that looks a hell of a lot like…The Green Goblin. Is this how they’re revealing THIS MUCH new information? With a set of three posters hanging in a dinky casino in Nevada?

I wasn’t a fan of Marc Webb’s first crack at Spider-Man, but this at least looks to have eschewed the mopiness of that film, as well as the bizarre desire to re-tell the character’s origin story as a genetic mystery with no resolution. They may still be sticking with the latter for this next film, but at least there’ll be some large scale destruction with which to wash it all down. A new trailer is set to drop on December 5th (according to Drew from Hitfix), so I guess we’ll know more in a few days.