You ever develop emotional connections with movies, TV shows or music? Where you can’t listen to a song anymore because it reminds you so much of someone else? Recently The X-Files threatened to become just such a thing, a property inextricably linked to someone not named Fox Mulder, Dana Scully or Alex Fucking Krycek.  I was worried that I couldn’t enjoy the upcoming movie because of this. And then I saw this new trailer, and that whistled theme kicked in and I was like, ‘Fuck that, this is The X-Files! And for six solid years it was awesome! And my only emotional connection to this show is the way it betrayed me at the end, and I’m totally over that now anyway!’ This, friends, is the healing power of Flash trailers premiering on the web. And Valium.

I still don’t have a strong idea what the new X-Files movie, subtitled, I Want to Believe, is about (other than snow), but it does appear to feature a shitload of Billy Connolly, to which I say ‘Huzzah!’ I’m sure the more hardcore will be picking the trailer apart for clues, but as far as I’m concerned it gives me just enough to go by: it feels like the classic X-Files to me. I’m psyched.