Did Terry Gilliam visit the set of David O. Russell’s new movie, Nailed? According to interwebs gossip maven and generally unpleasant human being Nikki Finke, the film shut down on Friday after SAG stepped in, saying that the production didn’t have enough money deposited with the guild. The 25 million dollar movie is apparently in complete money meltdown, as the funding sources have dried up or not come through or themselves become suddenly less flush.

This is just the latest trouble on the set; a couple of weeks ago James Caan quit the movie after getting into it with the famously difficult director. James Brolin stepped in to play the role, and his stuff finished shooting before all this madness happened.

If the story is true, Nailed had just about hit the halfway mark on filming. Finke quotes an unnamed insider who is confident that the film will get back up next week, but she also has some details about the money woes of the financiers, none of which sound very promising. I’m a huge David O. Russell fan (you can be a dick if you’re really talented. It’s much cooler when you’re really talented and not a dick, but it’s an option for you), so I would like to see this movie – a political satire based on a novel by Al Gore’s Futurama-writing daughter*Kristin – get finished. But maybe this is Russell’s karmic payback. You can’t just pick fights with George Clooney and expect the universe to allow you to get away with it.

A big thanks to Chuddie Buddie Ambler for sending this story in.

* I would totally marry her just based on that credit. Kristin, drop me a line.