And it wasn’t contingent on an epic dick sucking contest on Hollywood and Highland. How disappointingly dignified.

Though there’s no official statement at the moment, Nikki Finke is reporting via her Deadline Hollywood Daily bully pulpit that Fox Broadcasting has declined to pick up McSpaced“despite all the buzz, and exec producer McG, and a ‘phenomenal cast’.” Shouldn’t that read due to all the buzz, and the cowardice of exec producer McG, who listened to lawyers instead of his conscience”? And this is the first I’ve heard of a “phenomenal cast”. That said, I had a dream where Peter Facinelli played Tim to Jenny McCarthy’s Daisy, and the whole thing ended with the Circle of Shit sequence from Salo. And then a Sergio Aragones animation shuffled out with a push broom and swept up the excrement. “Nightmare” my ass; it was beautiful.

Finke has a bad habit of running with stories before all the information is in (which sometimes leads to her being flat-out wrong), but this sounds right. Or, rather, I want it to be right. Either way, it’s not like this show had a chance in hell of succeeding without the support of its target audience – i.e. unless they were willing to skip the rails and go the dumbed-down, Big Bang Theory route.

You lost today, McG. But it doesn’t mean you have to like it. That’s from Top Gun.

While we wait on the gory details, keep in mind that Spaced unadulterated will be yours on July 22nd.