The title of this article could be a spoiler. I don’t know, since I only have a small amount of information from which to make a guess, but the info is as follows:

- the movie ‘centers on two crewmen who awaken aboard their spacecraft unaware of
their mission or identities and then make a discovery that threatens
the survival of mankind;’

- Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster are starring.

Now, you need conflict in a story like this, and you have Ben Foster, a guy who can play a terrific psycho in his sleep. So I’m dropping my money on Foster chasing Quaid through the space ship at the end of the movie.

Note that I’m not complaining! Even if Paul WS Anderson is producing. After all, it’s original science fiction, something that seems to be making a comeback after years of being pushed aside for adaptations and remakes. And it’s Quaid and Foster – I like both these dudes quite a bit.

The film, called Pandorum, will start shooting Berlin this August. It’s directed by Christian Alvert, whose directorial debut Antibodies is the sort of film that I feel pretty guilty about not having seen yet (it won a prize at the Bahamas Film Festival! But seriously, I’ve heard interesting things), so we know that despite Paul WS Anderson being in some way involved there’s likely to be some kind of individual vision to this film.