That’s the basic hook for Gregor Jordan’s Unthinkable, a beat-the-clock action-thriller about the frenzied search for a trio of nuclear devices set to be detonated in the continental United States. Shouldn’t this be re-titled Very Fucking Thinkable?

Samuel L. Jackson will play a Bauer-esque black-ops badass who teams with a supersexy female FBI agent to track down the weapons using any and all means at their disposal. This includes torture…

… the very thought of which should shake you to your moral core. We’re the United States. We don’t torture. We noogie.

This project almost fell apart a couple of weeks ago when David Slade abruptly dropped out, but Senator Entertainment quickly replaced the 30 Days of Night helmer with Jordan, whose Buffalo Soldiers was an admirable attempt at a M*A*S*H style parody of the U.S. military – though no one thought it was all that admirable when 9/11 went down three days after its Toronto Film Festival premiere. This prompted the ever-feisty Harvey Weinstein to bravely shelve the film for two years.

Peter Woodward’s well-regarded screenplay is currently being rewritten by Oren Moverman (a natural segue from I’m Not There). Unthinkable will begin shooting in Detroit this September.