Last week I wrote CHUD’s first article about Twilight, the tween Mormon vampire romance novel turned minor movie phenomenon. At the time, the teaser trailer was set to debut in front of Speed Racer this week, but it appeared on MySpace only a few days later, where it was apparently received with great enthusiasm.

I was completely underwhelmed by the trailer, and that response fed into the suspicion that Twilight is only a monster in the making if you’re talking to the right people. But yesterday Anne Thompson posted some numbers for the teaser. Production house Summit Entertainment is claiming the teaser gathered two million views in only three days.

/Film compared the two million views to the four million gathered by Indiana Jones over the course of a week, which seemed like a staggering success. The numbers called out my own prejudice, though, as I immediately wondered how many of the 2M clicks for Twilight could have been generated by bots; I never even questioned the numbers for Indy.

Our message board readers seem to be almost uniformly uninformed and disinterested when it comes to this series, but I’d love to know what the real numbers are. If you’re a CHUD reader and are excited for this thing, let me know. If you’re just excited in general about The Thing, no need to write. That’s a given. Teaser is below, or you can see it in HD at MySpace, where you can also read comments featuring enough OMG!s to double as a year’s worth of porn scripts.