So is Matthew Vaughn making Thor for Marvel Studios or not? Marvel’s Monday earnings report / slate announcement mentioned the film, but not Vaughn. A Variety story later that morning did specifically mention him, like so:

Also for that year, Marvel plans to bow “Thor” on June 4, based on the Norse god who wields a giant hammer. Matthew Vaughn is set to helm.

But a similar THR article, also dated May 5, contained contrary information buried in mid-article:

“Thor” will be released about six weeks after “Iron Man 2,” and Marvel is waiting for a script polish from scribe Mark Protosevich (“I Am Legend”). Matthew Vaughn no longer is attached to direct the project because his holding deal expired December.

Took that paragraph a few days to hit the net, but the story has been everywhere today. I held off covering it last night and today while I waited for word back from Vaughn’s management and/or publicist about the deal that may or may not still exist with Marvel. There’s been no return word yet, so this is where things stand at the moment. Considering that we’d last heard Protosevich had turned in a $300m script that needed to be cut down to the $150m range, I’d think Marvel is waiting for more than a ‘polish’. Expect to hear more about this one soon.