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This is super cool.

If you visit, you can watch Pharrell’s new video for his song “Happy.” It’s another infectiously chipper tune from the man whose already had several megahits this year, including “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.” The video however, is based on a 24-hour-long edit of the song (basically three days worth of radio play, zing) and is synced to 24 hours of footage of people dancing around LA. Pharrell himself pops up frequently (maybe once each hour?), but most of the video is made up of locals. There are also cameos from guys like Steve Carrell, Odd Future, the Despicable Me things, and Magic Johnson.

The custom player on the site allows you to cycle through the entire video and all the footage is time-appropriate. Kanye, Bob Dylan and others have made similar interactive video efforts recently- some clumsy, some awesome. It’s an interesting time to watch even for the heavy hitters scrape to grab eyeballs, and it’s always awesome to see it actually work from time to time.

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