When last we heard from David Chase, he was vehemently not apologizing for pissing off literalists with his Journey-infused, smash-to-black Sopranos finale. Once everyone calmed down and realized they’d watched one of the best series finales in the history of the medium, there was rampant speculation as to what Chase would do next. Create a new series? Write a novel? Make a movie?

Given that his co-producer and friend Brad Grey is currently running Paramount (into the ground, some might say), it shouldn’t be too surprising that he decided to barge through door number three. Yep, David Chase’s next creative endeavor will be a movie. A drama, actually. About… stuff.

Aside from it being an “original”, nothing is known about Chase’s film. His writing has gotten more literary over the years, so I’m guessing it’ll… oh, who the hell knows? It won’t be The Sopranos Ride Again or I’ll Fly Back or The Rockford Hernia. What with the turbulent family dynamic of organized crime epic, I’d like to see him head in a Cheever-ian direction and deal with corruption and betrayal on more intimate scale. That might be fascinating. Or maybe he could adapt Ancient Evenings.

Oh, and to all my wonderful sources in a position to get their hands on this kind of thing: get me this fucker ASAP.