Deadline broke the news that The Purge 2 is coming out on June 20th, 2014. I guess this means they have a script, right? Either that, or they want to see how quickly they can spoil the modicum of goodwill they gained with the first film.

I did’t much care for The Purge, but it made almost $90 million worldwide on a budget of $3 million, so fuck me. Mostly, I’d like to know what a sequel to a home invasion movie looks like. The conceit of the first film suggests there’s a larger world of clunky allegories to explore. Maybe with a little financial wind in its sails, the second installment can get out of the house for the night and partake in the government mandated mayhem. The sky (and a remarkably short production schedule) is the limit!

Whatever the case, I hope they focus on a different family next time out. Lena Headey is always great, but the kids never should have made it out of the condom.