I said I’d be keeping an eye out for it to appear online, and here it is… Jonás Cuarón’s short Anigaaq is online for all to see. The film is a companion piece to the mega-hit Gravity, which has been tearing it up in theaters for a lot of weeks now, entering the Top 5 highest grossers of the year (for the time being). It’s become a worldwide sensation, and still has China and Japan left to go. Go space!

We knew we’d see this on the Blu-ray, but I wasn’t sure if it would make online before (in any official capacity). I’m glad to say it has, and that it does not disappoint. Mr. Jonás is a steady hand behind the camera, as he is behind the pen.

I’d be pleased to see what fans (and non-fans) of Gravity have to say about the short in the comments. I can think of a number of movies I’d love to see have companion shorts exploring one of its more interesting side characters…

via THR