It’s G.I. Joe day all over the internets!

If you’ve been perusing the geek-friendly sites today (e.g. IGN, Dark Horizons, Latino Review, Collider and IESB), you might’ve noticed that they’ve each got an exclusive image of a character from Stephen Sommers’s currently-in-production G.I. Joe movie. Well, we’re lucky enough to be in the loop with ‘em, so here’s Marlon Wayans as Ripcord!

As for any hints about the set visit that the aforementioned sites attended yesterday… heh… about that. Well, let’s just say Los Angeles sucks for folks who occasionally experience car trouble, and leave it at that. If you want a taste of what went down at Downey Studios, here’s a vague account (“vague” ‘cuz they’re all embargoed). The film isn’t due out until August 7, 2009, so don’t expect to see any detailed reports for another year.