Just a couple weeks ago we got word that James Caan had been cast in Nailed, the new movie from fiery director David O. Russell, by way of a news item announcing that Caan had walked. In classic Russell form, the argument that led (in part) to the actor’s departure concerned a cookie.

Now comes word [in THR] that Caan has been replaced by the only actor more brave (or more crazy) than Elliot Gould, the passion child of George Hamilton and Kenny Rogers, Craig Kenneth Bruderlin himself, James Brolin.

Also joining the cast is Kirstie Alley, playing a veterinarian and aunt to Jessica Biel, who is shot in the head with a nail gun. The nail subsequently lodged in Biel’s mind grapes causes her to exhibit wild sexual urges, and she heads to Washington to fight for health care (alongside the recently cast Olivia Crocicchia) where she gets it on with congressman Jake Gyllenhaal.

Somewhere, Dave Davis has already bought a week’s worth of tickets.