I wish we had someone on staff whose job was to just go through all the short film and indie movie emails we get; I would love to see every movie, teaser and short that gets offered, especially from people working outside the system, but it’s flat out impossible. But every now and again an email catches my eye and I follow the link and get pretty impressed. This is one of those times. Here’s the email:

I’m involved with a film project called “Iron Sky”, which released a 2 1/2 minute teaser yesterday:

“In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. It’s 2018, and now they’re coming back”

What makes this interesting is that it’s the 2nd film by the people who made “Star Wreck” (http://starwreck.com/), which is the most successful feature-length Internet-distributed film of all time. Star Wreck was made by 3000 people, has been downloaded 8 million times, is under a CC by-nd-nc license, and made good money both through DVD sales, and through an eventual deal with Universal.

Iron Sky is a new type of film project where fans can get involved in many aspects of the films development by giving suggestions and ideas in the films website (www.wreckamovie.com).

Yours sincerely,

Johannes Kääpä

The teaser for Iron Sky is really intriguing, and I have to admit that the premise tickles me pink. I hope that the trailer for Star Wreck is an indicator of the quality of the FX and nothing else for Iron Sky, though – the funniest thing in that Star Wreck trailer was an Eastern European guy in black face as a Klingon.

Here’s the teaser; visit the site for more info.