Details from Resistance 2 (the sequel to the game that’s probably still the best original title on the PS3) is emerging, courtesy of Sony’s Playstation Day in London this week.

The biggest news to be confirmed? The game will indeed feature 60 (yes, SIXTY) player online multiplayer. It looks like it’ll be taking a cue from other squad fighters and make sure you respawn near the same group of players, and allow you to level up your character.

The game will also feature an incredible 8-player co-op. Not just that, but forget about playing through the regular campaign all over again with your friends, as the co-op mode will have its own story and characters, according to Ted Price, the president of Insomniac Games.
Here’s a really crappy quality video from the event that shows off some of the early gameplay footage.

Resistance 2 hits stores in November.