How’s that 303 day wait (as of today) treating you? Yeah, it’s kicking my ass, too. So here’s a little something to tide you over: JoBlo’s got the second Watchmen video journal.

Don’t head over there expecting to see finished shots or anything that ridiculously unexpected; it’s still way too early for that. But keep your eyes peeled, and you might catch a glimpse of, oh, Adrian Veidt strolling through the lobby of Veidt Enterprises, the garrulous news vendor and his most loyal non-customer, JFK and Jackie climbing into a convertible, etc. And you might want to listen to costume designer Michael Wilkinson as he describes their approach to capturing the various periods depicted in the graphic novel. I was especially impressed to learn that they’re using so many actual, flesh-and-blood extras; it continues to look and sound like Zack Snyder is obsessed with evoking the dingy texture of the Moore’s universe through practical means. Very cool.

Wilkinson’s most encouraging comment comes at the conclusion of the video: “We really wanted to have a lived-in feel to convey the sense of the late twentieth century being in this very paranoid, desperate sort of position… on the brink of nuclear disaster.” So far, so very promising.

There are more production diaries on the way. Keep checking back. You never know when or where they might turn up.