Disney don’t need no Entertainment Tonight previews, they just lay their big blockbuster teaser out there.

This is a great teaser for an IP like this, in terms of structure. Introduces the tone, plays with the weight of the familiar imagery, and includes one big exciting moment. I’m not sure the CGI brambles are quite the “holy shit” moment it’s played as, but I think most everyone is interested more in Jolie’s look and command of the character, both of which are there without question.

Elle Fanning puts her thing down, and seems to have Aurora locked quite well as a perfect translation of pure, animated snowy innocence. I’m hoping there’s some level of subversion in this film in the way these women are handled, and that Aurora gets an opportunity to become a dimensional character.

(And by that I mean actually be developed as a human being that acts like a human, not a super sweet damsel that gets to pick up a sword for a single sequence…)

This one is set for May 30th of next year.